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Apache Roller RC Supports Java EE 6 Servers and Alex Ruiz Leaves Oracle

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, bugfixes for Gradle 0.9.1 and new DPJizer tool.

Apache Roller RC Adds Java EE 6 Server Support

The third RC of Apache Roller 5.0 has been announced. Apache Roller is a multi-user and group-blog server, and this new RC runs on the Java EE 6 servers Glassfish 3, JBoss 6 and Websphere 8. The installation guide has been updated to explain how to install Roller on Glassfish, JBoss and WebSphere.

Alex Ruiz Leaves Oracle

Alex Ruiz has announced that he is leaving Oracle, but he admits “it was difficult to leave Oracle without witnessing the release of JavaFX 2.0,” claiming “this release will be the best ever!” Alex Ruiz is leaving Oracle for a job at Google.

Bugfixes for Gradle 0.9.1

Version 0.9.1 of Gradle has been announced, a minor bugfix for 0.9. This release adds a mavenLocal() method, which introduces a repository that looks for dependencies in the local Maven cache. If present, the repository uses the Maven settings.xml file. It also fixes a list of bugs.

Glassfish Moves into 2011

What have the Glassfish team got planned for 2011? The Aquarium have posted a blog telling users what to expect over the next twelve months, including a final release of Glassfish 3.1, progress on Java EE 7 related technologies, and cloud and virtualisation as guiding principles for future versions of GlassFish.

DPJizer Tool Released for DPJ Project

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have released the ‘DPJizer‘ tool, which aims to simplify the writing of parallel programs in Deterministic Parallel Java (DPJ.) DPJ is a Java-based system, which was launched last year. DPJizer is available as an Eclipse plugin, and is an effect inference tool for object-orientated effect systems. The tool can reportedly perform a whole-program analysis, and infer some DPJ annotations automatically. Annotations inferred by DPJizer can be reviewed and changed by the programmer. DPJizer can be installed by following the instructions on the project’s wiki.

Closure For Clojure Funding

Rich Hickey has stopped his funding appeal for Clojure, claiming that accepting donations and funding “has created an unreasonable sense of entitlement among some in the community as to what I do with my time.” He thanks those who have contributed financially to the project over the past year.

New Eclipse Properties Editor Plugin

Tom Schindl has posted a Properties-Editor Eclipse plugin that shows an Outline-View for property files.

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