Fancy Joining the PMC?

Apache Roller Needs Help to Make Their Next Release

Jessica Thornsby

Sun and IBM are no longer contributing to the Apache Roller project, and now the community are looking to expand the Roller Project Management Committee.

Apache Roller needs YOU!

With Sun and IBM no longer contributing to Roller, the number of committers is now so small that the team are struggling with the next release of Apache Roller. To make a new release, the team require +1 votes from the Roller Project Management Committee (PMC) members, which is problematic as it can take this committee some time to review and vote on each release candidate. The community are being encouraged to become more active, and to consider becoming part of the PMC. According to the blog post, committee membership comes with plenty of benefits, including the ability to influence the future direction of Apache Roller.

“To get started, let the community know you’re interested in becoming a committer and contribute to Roller in any positive way: helping users on the mailing list, contributing docs, fixes or new features — and you should be noticed and nominated for as a committer/PMC member,” is the advice.

The last GA release of Roller, is version 4.0.1.

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