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Apache NetBeans 11.0 adds support for JDK 12, Java EE, Gradle, and more

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What’s new in Apache NetBeans? The latest Apache NetBeans (incubating) 11.0 release includes JDK 12 support, Maven first New Project wizard, Java EE support, Gradle Support, and some new enhancements. See what’s been added in this new update.

A new major release of the Apache NetBeans IDE has landed: Apache NetBeans (incubating) v11.0 is here. Announced on April 4, 2019, it includes JDK 12 support, Java EE support, and several more new features. Let’s take a look at what’s new.

New and noteworthy additions

Here are some of the new enhancements and changes in v11.0:

Java with Maven & Java with Gradle

Apache Maven and Gradle have been gaining popularity in recent years, and Apache NetBeans takes note of this. Previously, when creating a new project using the “New Project” wizard, the Java category created an Apache Ant project.

This new change added “Java with Maven” and “Java with Gradle” as new options and created a subfolder named “Java with Ant”. This reflects more modern choices, but still allows for Apache Ant usage. Apache links to a blog explaining the reasoning behind this restructuring.

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JDK 12 support

The Java compiler nb-javac tool now supports advanced JDK 12 features. With this new release, the switch expression handling sees some improvements. It now has better formatting, re-indentation, syntax-highlighting, and improved auto-completion.

JEP-325: Switch Expressions (Preview) is now supported. You will have to enable this feature. However, it does not work in Maven projects currently.

Java EE support

Build Java EE applications with Ant, Maven, or Gradle projects with this new additional support. Note that: “Explicit support of Java EE 8 is not currently part of Apache NetBeans 11.0. Also, Java EE 8 only runs on JDK 8, not on later releases, and so if you ‘re doing development with Java EE 8 it’s best to run NetBeans itself on JDK 8.”

Gradle support

Thanks to Apache NetBeans Team Member Laszlo Kishalmi’s donation of his Gradle works, version 11.0 comes with Gradle support.

From the Apache NetBeans post, here’s what this adds:

  • Open Gradle projects out of the box.
  • Gradle Task Navigator, run tasks by double-click.
  • Gradle supported unit test frameworks (JUnit 4, 5, TestNG) works with Code Coverage with JaCoCo.
  • Gradle projects work together with NetBeans JPA and Spring Support.
  • Customizable task execution and IDE action binding.
  • Run, Debug and Test even single methods.
  • Creating new projects with Gradle.

HiDPI icons

HiDPI vector icons for window systems on Windows and Mac have been added.

Bug fixes

This version fixes a total of 99 issues.

Downloading v11.0

Download the new version here

For this release, Apache notes that there are no official installers providers. Users should simply download and unzip the binaries.

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Watch the following video for an exploration of the new features:

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3 years ago

Super! I like Netbeans.

Adrian Perez
Adrian Perez
3 years ago

I do not know why now such speed for next releases as soon at posible …they said “support” ,But I’ve install netbeans 11, and lot of features has stop working like a simple find usages on a gradle project…