Interview with Robert Scholte, chairman of the Apache Maven Project

Apache Maven: Main concerns and criticism about Jigsaw plus the road to Maven 5


Apache Maven is one of the actors that criticized the current state of Jigsaw. We caught up with Robert Scholte, chairman of the Apache Maven Project to chat about how well Maven is already working with Java 9, what is still problematic about Jigsaw and how the roadmap to Maven 5 looks like.

Robert Scholte is the chairman of the Apache Maven Project and a member of the Jigsaw expert group. He was also one of the contributors to Scott Stark’s blog post in which he revealed the concerns regarding Jigsaw’s current state.

The EC didn’t approve the Public Review Ballot for JSR 376 but that doesn’t mean that the Jigsaw ship has sailed. In an interview with JAXenter editor Hartmut Schlosser, Robert Scholte gives insights into the criticism about Jigsaw and offers a sneak peek into how Maven 5 will look like and what the roadmap includes so far.


Robert Scholte is the current chairman of the Apache Maven Project, has been a member of this project for over five years and belongs to the group of most active committers. The last couple of years he has been busy preparing Maven to support Java 9, which means that he has done most of the implementations required to adopt all the new features. Robert has spoken at several conferences such as JavaOne and Devoxx Belgium about Java 9 and the impact on Maven projects. This year he has joined the JSR 376 Expert Group, which validates the specifications of the Java Platform Module System.

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