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Apache Lucene Core and Solr 3.6.0 released with Java 7 support

Chris Mayer

Java’s top search engine library gets a new release, as does its sister project Solr.

The PMC behind Apache Lucene, the Java text search engine library have announced the dual release of two of their open source software offerings – their flagship product Apache Lucene Core 3.6.0 and search server Solr 3.6.0.

With their algorithms already adopted by some of the most popular websites such as Wikipedia, Amazon and Twitter, this release is quite big for the Lucene team – their first since November 2011. Although Amazon’s recent foray into the world of search with CloudSearch could prove interesting to watch in the long-run.

Lucene Core now has full Java 7 support (as well as supporting Java 5 and 6) which is a big boost as more and more projects shift towards the newest version of Java knowing it’s safe. TypeTokenFilter filters tokens based on their TypeAttribute and there’s the addition of phonetic encoders such as Metaphone, Soundex, Caverphone, Beider-Morse.

A number of bug and security fixes have been made too as well as QueryParser now interpreting ‘*’ as an open end for range queries. New query-time joining is more flexible (but less performant) than index-time joins.

For the Solr release, highlights include a new SolrJ client connector using Apache Http Components and HTMLStripCharFilter has been completely re-implemented, fixing many bugs and greatly improving the performance.

StreamingUpdateSolrServer now supports the javabin format whilst there’s new options for configuring the amount of concurrency used in distributed searches.

Written purely in Java but with cross-platform implementations available, the Apache Lucene project has become the de-facto standard for search software with ranked searching, powerful query types, fielded searching, date-range searching and multiple-index searching with merged results all possible.

Lucene Core provides Java-based indexing and search technology whilst high performance server Solr extends the options with XML/HTTP and JSON/Python/Ruby APIs.

Apache Lucene is released under the Apache license meaning it is possible to use in both commercial and open source programmes. Have a look at both releases through the home for Lucene, where you can view all relevant changes and download.

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