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Apache Libcloud 3.0.0 drops Python 2 support and adds new features

Maika Möbus
Libcloud 3.0.0
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Apache Libcloud is a Python library with a unified API for interacting with cloud service providers such as Amazon EC2, Amazon S3 or Google Container Engine. The recently released version 3.0.0 drops support for older Python versions but makes sure to add new features as well.

Apache Libcloud 3.0.0 has been released. The Python library for talking to different cloud provider APIs was originally developed and open sourced by Cloudkick in 2009, and joined the Apache Incubator that same year. Two years later, it became an Apache Top-Level Project (TLP).

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Let’s see what changes the latest version has on board.

What’s new in Apache Libcloud 3.0.0

The main change in the current version is that it drops support for Python 2.7 and Python 3 versions below 3.5. The Libcloud v2.8.x series, which continues to provide support for the older Python versions, is still available. This series though will only receive bug fixes going forward.

But that’s not the only change in Apache Libcloud 3.0.0, as some features have been upgraded as well. For example, type annotations for the base storage API, the base DNS API and the base container API have been added. For Google Storage, a bug in the code was fixed to ensure that the driver now supports service account HMAC credentials.

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See the full changelog and the release post for more info.

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