New Release

Apache JMeter 2.6 arrives

Chris Mayer

The Java testing tool gets a new gloss with new UI plus some extra bonuses

The Java load testing tool, Apache JMeter has received its first release as an Apache top-level project with the introduction of JMeter 2.6. The tool has been given an makeover with several GUI improvements to make it worthy of the Apache title. 

Amongst the new additions are a new toolbar, search facility within tree view, a new console log viewer for dynamic script debugging and a drag-and-drop functionality. There’s also a simplified HTTP RAW request pane which now shows parameters without name (GWT RPC request or SOAP request for example).

Crucially, the JMeter community has improved the graph functionality, allowing more flexibility. 

Originally the open source 100% pure Java application was designed for testing Web Applications, but added more arrows to its bow by expanding to other test functions. Apache JMeter focuses on load test functional behaviour and measure performance of both static and dynamic resources (files, Servlets, Perl scripts, Java Objects, Data Bases and Queries, FTP Servers and more). Since getting Apache Top Level Project status, JMeter has been a popular choice for those within the ASF for testing, due to its extensibility with the plugins in its architecture.

The full changes in this release can be found at the project’s homepage, and there’s quite a few to savour. You can download it as long as you have Java 5.

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