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Apache Isis Project Proposal Builds on Naked Objects Framework, and Third Milestone for GWT 2.1

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, CouchDB plugin 0.3 and new JavaFX app for searching Google, Bing, Flickr and Yahoo.

New Apache Isis Project to Build on Naked Objects Framework

A new project proposal has been submitted to the Apache Software Foundation.

The new project, ‘Isis’ is envisioned as an extensible, standards-based framework for developing and deploying domain-driven applications. It will consist of several open source projects that support the development of domain-driven applications, including the Naked Objects Framework and sister projects which build on the Naked Objects pluggable architecture. All of these projects are built using Maven 2. The Naked Objects framework currently builds on its own Hudson server; meaning it would be moved to run on Apache infrastructure.

Isis will also reorganise these existing projects to separate out the components into JSR-299 beans, in an effort to support new contributors who may wish to understand how the framework is organised, before they develop their own extensions.

Planned for future Isis releases, is reducing the amount of proprietary code and increasing the use of newer libraries, such as google-collections. There is also talk of integrating an existing Android viewer for Naked Objects 4.0, and potentially integrating with Wicket and Tapestry. The core developers will be Robert Matthews and Dan Haywood.

The project proposal can be read in full now.

Third Milestone for GWT 2.1

GWT 2.1 M3 is out now, with the GA currently scheduled for a release in the next few months.

This milestone includes built-in history support in Places and Activities, the ability to call instance methods on entities and relationship management within RequestFactory. This release also sees Google continue to build-out the integrated stacks, and includes a parallel Roo 1.1 M3.

CouchDB 0.2 For Enabling Access to Database Functionality

CouchDB plugin has reached 0.3. This plugin enables access to database functionality using CouchDB and jcouchdb.

When using the CouchDB plugin, calls must be made to the database off the EDT, otherwise the application may appear unresponsive when doing long computations inside the EDT. Please note, that it does not provide domain classes or dynamic finders.

This release upgrades to jcouchdb-0.11.0-1.

MySQL Connector/ODBC 5.1.7 Release

Version 5.1.7 of the MySQL Connector/ODBC database driver, is now available.

This release adds support for the CLIENT_INTERACTIVE flag, and fixes a list of bugs.

New JavaFX App for Image Search

A new JavaFX app has been launched, which allows the user to search for images using Google, Bing, Flickr and Yahoo.

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