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Apache HTTP Server Project 2.4.1 now available

Chris Mayer

The first release of the 2.4.x series sees a raft of improvements for the HTTP server

The Apache Software Foundation and the Apache HTTP Server Project are pleased to announce the GA release of version 2.4.1 of the Apache HTTP Server, the first GA release of the new 2.4.x branch.

Compared to the previous 2.2 series, a number of improvements have been incorporated such as the ability to build multiple MPMs as loadable modules at compile time, with the MPM of choice configured at run time. Also, there’s better support for asynchronous read/write for supporting MPMs and platforms plus the added bonus of a reduced memory footprint, despite a large amount of new features.

There’s a load of new modules too, all of which can be viewed at the project’s homepageThis release builds on and extends the Apache 2.2 API. Modules written for Apache 2.2 will need to be recompiled in order to run with Apache 2.4, and may require minimal source code changes. To run Apache HTTP 2.4, you need the Apache Portable Runtime (APR) version 1.4.x and APR-Util version 1.4.x. The APR libraries must be upgraded for all features of httpd to operate correctly.

You can download the stable release here. After 17 years of innovation, the next generation of the HTTP server is here.

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