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Apache HBase 1.0: “The start of a new era”

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After progressing all the way up to version 0.99, HBase 1.0 is here; a major milestone in the Apache project’s development, offering some exciting features and new APIs without sacrificing stability.

After nearly seven years of development, we now have Apache HBase version 1.0: The distributed and scalable open-source implementation of Google’s proprietary database system BigTable for Apache Hadoop and HDFS. Enis Söztutar, the HBase Release Manager, has described the release as “the start of a new era” for the project.

Compared to the previous version of HBase 0.98.0, more than a whopping 1,500 changes and bug fixes have been made. A prominent example of this, according to the project’s developers, is its greatly improved performance which does not sacrifice on stability. In addition, new APIs have been introduced with some existing client-side APIs reorganised.

The three goals of version 1.0 have been stated as follows:

  1. To lay a stable foundation for future 1.x releases;
  2. To stabilise running HBase cluster and its clients
  3. Make versioning and compatibility dimensions explicit

In accordance with the version goals, there’s a completely new user interface together with substantially revised documentation. The exact details of all the functionality changes can be seen in the official release notes.

According to Michael Stack, Vice President of Apache HBase, fans of the Hadoop database won’t need to wait seven years for the next major release. Rather, HBase 2.0 is apparently already taking shape and should be making an appearance this year.

Ghislain Mazars of Ubeeko is a big fan of HBase, referring to it as “a database for both analytical and operational workloads”, in part due to its deep integration within the Hadoop platform:

HBase, by design, is more closely aligned with application developers requirements… The good news is that by using the appropriate abstraction layer for each use case, it is now possible to serve equally well the data analyst and the application developer with HBase.

As HBase 1.0.0 has been marked as the next stable version of HBase, all new users are recommended to start using this version. However, the team have announced that they will continue to maintain and make 0.98.x releases until the user community is ready for its end of life.

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