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Apache Get a New Board of Directors and Github Compare View Goes Cross-Repository

Jessica Thornsby

Apache get a new Board of Directors and Github Compare View Goes Cross-Repository.

New ASF Board

The Apache Software Foundation have announced a new board of directors.

The new board members are Shane Curcuru, Bertrand Delacretaz, Roy T. Fielding, Sam Ruby, Noirin Shirley, Greg Stein, and Henri Yandell. Apache Lucene developer Doug Cutting and co-founder of the Apache Software Foundation Jim Jagielski, were also elected to the board.

New ARM Specification

Joseph D Darcy has announced a specification for Automatic Resource Management (ARM) blocks, which he describes as “much closer to Java Language Specification (JLS) style and rigor.” It it based on Project Coin proposal for ARM (Google Docs version.)

The specification involves changes to the existing JLS section §14.20, with a new subsection planned for §14.20.3.

Liferay Portal 6 Released

Liferay Portal 6 GA is now available.

Liferay Portal features drag and drop, and Secure Single Sign On functionality, role-based authorisation, and comes with tools such as Liferay CMS and Liferay Collaboration.

It is available in an Enterprise Edition and an open source Community Edition.

CDT Reaches 100K

Doug Schaefer has announced that CDT has passed 100,000 downloads.

He reveals that around 80% of those downloads came from the Eclipse packages, from which he concludes that developers want a quick and easy way to download CDT, and the Eclipse packages provide that. Also, he concludes that the people who use CDT tend to download CDT first, as “much fewer” developers start with Eclipse and then add CDT afterwards. In keeping with the findings of the Eclipse Community Survey 2010, the “the Linux number continues to be much higher than we’ve had in the past,” with 34% of those CDT downloads being for the Linux platform.

However, the percentage of CDT users on the Mac, is still only at 7%. “I think we’re still missing the big carrot, Objective-C,” concludes Schaefer.

Compare View Goes Cross-Repository

Github have announced that their Compare View users can now compare branches across repositories. A run-through of this new functionality, can be found at the github blog.

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