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Apache Foundation news: Java 11 support for Ignite & more

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Last week, the Apache Foundation published a weekly update detailing all the news from the week. Apache Ignite now has Java 11 support, Apache Knox can now create a Docker image, and Apache Arrow’s next release will be 1.0.0. We take a look at the most interesting details.

Keen JAXenter readers will have noticed that we already reported that the update to IDE Apache NetBeans 11.1 was released last week, and serverless project Apache OpenWhisk graduated to a Top Level Project. So this article will focus on other Apache Foundation developments.

It was an interesting week for data management platforms, seeing the release of updates for Apache Unomi, their Java-based customer data platform, and Apache Ignite, a database, caching, and processing platform.

Apache Unomi 1.4.0 increases Docker functionalities

The main highlights of this release are the new Dockerfile and Docker Compose project files and centralized configuration compatible wit Docker environment variables. There is not currently an official Unomi Docker image, but they say it’s in the pipeline.

Other features include new Karaf Shell Commands and integration for Analytics.js, providing an out-of-the-box web tracker that’s ready to use.

Read the full Apache Unomi 1.4.0 release notes here.

Apache Ignite 2.7.5 supports Java 11

This smaller version update, 2.7.5, adds Java 11 support and fixes some of the known issues that stemmed from using Java 11. It also fixes launch scripts and Ignite initialization for Java 12. There are a handful of other fixes that can be found in the release notes.

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Another slightly larger update came for Apache Knox.

Apache Knox 1.3.0 brings Docker image

The Apache Knox Gateway version 1.3.0 brings with it the ability to create a Knox Dockerfile and image, which should make a dent in setup times. Other improvements for the Cloudera Manager API mean that Knox now also supports Cloudera Manager service discover and doAs for Cloudera Manager service discovery API interactions. There are also over 200 other changes, which are predominantly minor upgrades and bug fixes.

Find the full release notes on the Knox Confluence page.



Apache Arrow 0.14.0 promises 1.0.0 will be next release

In the release’s blog post they say that the format has been stable since December 2017, they have announced with this new version that the next move is to go from 0.14.0 to 1.0.0, making the stability official and showing that it’s safe to persist serialized Arrow data in applications.

It was also announced that they are working on new tools to help with testing and compiling times, which are becoming excessive as the project grows. This means they will be moving away from Travis CI and Appveyor, which they have been using until now. They are in the process of making sure as many of their builds as possible are reproducible with Docker, which they hope will also help with reproducing build failures without having to wait for Travis CI.

Java-wise they have added support for referencing arbitrary memory using ArrowBuf, paving the way for memory map support in Java. Additionally, they have improved performance around vector value access, and have added and improved several microbenchmarks, including making zeroing out buffers much faster.

They also reiterate that the discussions around the timing and scope of the 1.0.0 release, as well as the search for ways to improve their continuous integration capacity, are ongoing.

Read the full update on the Apache Arrow blog.

Other updates

And last but not least, the rest of last week’s updates:

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