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Apache Falcon announced as a top-level project

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The Apache Software Foundation have announced that data manager Apache Falcon has graduated from the Apache Incubator to become a Top-Level Project, solidifying support for the operation of Apache Falcon’s products.

Apache Falcon is a data processing and management solution for Apache Hadoop, designed specifically for data movement, coordination of data pipelines, life cycle management and data discovery. Apache has now announced the project’s top-level status, cementing Apache Falcon’s entry into the category of elite open source projects.

Apache Falcon’s graduation day

The addition of Falcon for the Hadoop platform is a major step forward: Users of the platform will find that infrastructure endpoints, data sets and processing rules are declarative. This declarative configuration defines dependencies between the configured units in an explicit manner. Information about mutual dependencies between units allows Falcon to orchestrate and oversee different data management functions.

Falcon provides enterprises higher quality and predictable outcomes for their data by permitting end consumers to swiftly onboard their data and its associated processing and management tasks on Hadoop clusters.

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Vice President of Apache Falcon, Srikanth Sundarrajan, underlined the importance of the project’s promotion, saying that “Apache Falcon solves a very important and critical problem in the big data space. Graduation to TLP marks an important step in progression of the project.” His support of the project is clear:

Falcon has a robust road map to ease the pain of application developers and administrators alike in authoring and managing complex data management and processing applications.

Other key figures in the project also commented on the announcement, with programmer Michael Miklavcic saying “Falcon has enabled our team to incrementally build up a complex pipeline comprised of over 90 processes and 200 feeds that would have been very challenging with Apache Oozie alone.”

The Apache Falcon platform is currently being implemented successfully by numerous companies, spanning the advertising industry, the health sector and the field of mobile-app and software development. As with all Apache products, Apache Falcon software is released under the Apache License v2.0.

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