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Apache Camel 2.10 adds new components such as Twitter, CDI and WebSocket

Chris Mayer

The latest version of the integration framework adds two new components to appease the community – WebSocket and Twitter.

The latest version of integration framework Apache Camel is here, ushering in a swathe of new components, bug fixes and general improvements.

The team behind the project seem to have followed Spring’s lead on integrating social networks as components with the introduction of a Twitter component. Based on the Twitter4J Java library, the component will allow users to post on the hugely popular social network.

But that isn’t all for new components – you can also leverage the capabilities of AWS Dynamo DDB, CDI, and Google GSON but also integrate MongoDB and add Spring Testing. The addition of a WebSocket component is also a huge plus, given its rise in popularity recently. It means that developers are now capable of exchanging messages with other WebSocket-using programs, via endpoints.

As for maintenance, after reports from Eclipse, there’s been an internal code cleanup to reduce warnings and the Camel archetypes for Java and Scala no longer generate projects with Spring dependencies. There’s still some outstanding issues, which the team acknowledge are highly detrimental such as the fact the project can’t fully build in Maven nor can the source code fully build with JDK 7.

For all that is New and Noteworthy, check out the release notes, where you’ll find download signposting. There’s simply too much to cover here in terms of updates, showing how much work has gone into this version.

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