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ASF’s 2018 annual report shows the Apache ecosystem is growing

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Apache Software Foundation
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Pop the champagne, this year’s financial report is full of good news for the Apache Software Foundation. This year’s financial report shows that the ASF community has grown to over 300 projects with over 6000 code committers.

Time to break out the balloons and confetti: Apache has had a pretty good year. Not only did they survive an audit in 2018, they made a profit of a cool $500,000! Not bad for a volunteer-run foundation that runs on donations and good will.

This year’s financial report is full of all sorts of data illustrating the foundation’s steady footing. Since 1999, Apache has become the world’s largest open source foundation with over three hundred freely available enterprise-grade projects. Committers around the world have collaborated on projects in all kinds of fields from AI, big data, and IoT to DevOps, cloud computing, and frameworks.

Let’s dive right into the details, shall we?

2018 in numbers

It’s been a banner year for the ASF:

  • 194 Top-Level communities overseeing 319 Apache projects and sub-projects
  • More than 6,700 code committers
  • 3,280 Committers changed 71,186,324 lines of code over 222,684 commits;
  • 16 newly-graduated Top-Level Projects from the Apache Incubator
  • 54 projects currently undergoing development in the Apache Incubator
  • 35M page views per week across
  • ~9M source code downloads served from Apache mirrors on a yearly basis (excluding convenience binaries)

This year’s most popular projects were Hadoop, Ambari, Camel, Ignite, and Beam. By size, the repos for OpenOffice, NetBeans, Flex, Hadoop, and Trafodion took up the most space on the ASF servers.

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ASF developers mostly focused on programming in Java, C, Python, C++, and JavaScript.

Apache Software Foundation

Additionally, they appear to be all about libraries, big data, network-servers, XML, and frameworks. In particular, big data is a large part of ASF’s growth in the past year. Apache developers have really enjoyed bringing big data projects together.

Apache is truly global: they have code committers on six continents. (It would probably be seven if the wifi on Antarctica was better.) My favorite statistic from the report was that the ASF was accessed from every country around the world that is connected to the internet.

Financially, the popular open source foundation remains on a steady footing thanks to a very successful round of fundraising and a $538,630 profit. The targeted sponsorship alone brought in support from industry giants like Cloudera, Comcast, Facebook, Google, Microsoft Oath, and a 900K bitcoin donation from the Pineapple Fund.

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Getting involved

You’re more than welcome to join the legion of Apache volunteers. Head on over to the contribution page to see where your help is needed. Future plans, including the 5-year strategic plan, can be found here.

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