What's different with Apcera?

Another PaaS – Apcera gets lift-off to battle the likes of Cloud Foundry and OpenShift

Chris Mayer

Yet one more cloud platform for your delectation, but Apcera is shrouded in mystery and how can it differ from the competition? Visibility and DevOps seem to be on the menu.

Just like PaaS stories on this site, there’s room for one more provider in the space. Apcera has opened up for business and is looking for aspiring developers to join them in their ascent.

The company, set up by former VMware executive Derek Collison, has been shrouded in mystery, in exactly how it will fit into an already jam-packed area. The static webpage says Apcera will be ‘the next generation cloud platform’ -revealing not much there, apart from some lofty expectations, plus the obligatory ‘We’re hiring’ link and Twitter handle.

Collison did disclose in an interview with GigaOM, after getting the $2.2m funding to gain liftoff, that Apcera would focus on targetting the highly-popular philosophy of DevOps, but providing developers greater control and visibility into the platform itself – from the ‘inside out’ as Collison puts it. This might give them the edge over on-premise solutions, which often limit developers in what they can do and put them down the straight path towards a rudimentary offering. Some however want a PaaS tinkered to their needs.

“I founded Apcera really as a continuation of my work on cloud platforms,” he said. “I asked myself what the next-generation systems would look like and what does that mean not only for the devops side and developers, but also the other side that are concerned about visibility and controls.”

Still, little to be given away here as well. Interoperability is a big thing with Apcera too, by the looks of it, and now the work begins to work alongside smaller IaaS and PaaS companies to attract new features to their own. This bears some resemblance to VMware’s currently in-beta Cloud Foundry, that has done a good job to fit into any infrastructure like a glove. Collison perhaps has brought some VMware ethos along the way with him.

We’re all for an open interoperable PaaS, so we await to see more info on Apcera and what it offers to this overcrowded area.

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