Watch Sebastian Witalec's International JavaScript Conference session

Building a Robo-Army with Angular

JAXenter Editorial Team

You can build almost anything with Angular, even an army of robots. In this session from the International JavaScript Conference, watch Senior Developer Advocate for Progress Sebastian Witalec discuss how adding a Web Bluetooth API and NativeScript work. Get started and swear fealty to your robot overlords.

Taking over the world is not an easy challenge. It requires a good strategy and a powerful army. What better soldiers than a mass of obedient robots? You just need a way to issue them instruction via their BLE interface. But should you choose to build a web app or a native mobile app?

With Angular, you can do both; just add Web Bluetooth API to build a web app and NativeScript to build a native mobile app. Join this session to learn how it all works, to see how to get started, and to swear fealty to your new robot overlords.


angularSebastian Witalec is a Senior Developer Advocate for Progress who specializes in Angular and NativeScript. He loves working on both serious and fun projects and one day he will use his roboarmy to conquer the world.

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