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AngularJS releases 1.3 update and 1.4 beta

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Alongside numerous bugfixes, the latest changes to AngularJS have begun implementing a simpler new approach to ngRepeat sorting.

Pawel Kozlowski of the Angular team has published two new versions of the JavaScript framework: Version 1.3.10 (a bugfix release of the 1.3 series) and 1.4.0-beta 1 (the second beta release in this series).

AngularJS 1.3.10 and 1.4.0-beta.1

AngularJS 1.3.10 contains numerous bugfixes that improve animation, as well as forms that sometimes led to a memory leak in combination with the $setValidity component. A fix in the ngController allows you to use constructor functions as controllers. At the same time, 1.3.10 makes it possible to apply class directives to SVG elements.

AngularJS has also made available the second beta of its forthcoming major release. Alongside numerous bugfixes from version 1.3.10, this release contains the latest configuration parameters in the header functions of $http components and a breaking change to ngRepeat.

Previously, if object properties were iterated using ngRepeat, then the order was dependent on the alphabetical order of the keys. This behavior will be changed in Angular 1.4 to make it browser-dependent. The former method led to some confusion, whereas the new behavior is based directly on the JavaScript approach.

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In December, Angular’s Brian Ford outlined the main “themes” of version 1.4 as follows:

  • New Router
  • Internationalization
  • Forms
  • $http
  • $parse
  • Documentation

The release of 1.4 is earmarked for Spring 2015 to coincide with the ng-conf in early March. Check out the AngularJS milestones for an overview of the latest Angular developments and the changelog for more on Angular’s future behavioral concepts, including the background of the changes to ngRepeat.

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