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Building an Angular PWA: Angular Service Worker or Workbox?

Sarah Schlothauer

Should you build a progressive web app using Angular Service Worker or Workbox? This talk goes over the differences between the two, what the features are, and which is more convenient. You will leave the talk knowing when to use either approach when developing your Angular application.

Angular developers are lucky to have several options for handling service workers in their progressive web applications. The first option is 100% native to Angular and created by the Angular team: Angular Service Worker (ngsw). The second alternative is a framework-agnostic library called Workbox. Both approaches are robust, convenient, and unique! In this session, we’ll go through the pros and cons of implementing a PWA with Angular Service Worker and Workbox, as well as the main features of each choice and the necessary application lifecycle management requirements. When we’re through, everyone who has watched the video will be able to determine which approach is easier to start with, which library is simpler to use, and which resulting PWA is more convenient to maintain.


AngularMaxim Salnikov is an Oslo-based cloud and web front-end geek with a strong passion for the developer community building. He has been architecting and building complex web applications since the end of the last century and has extensive experience with all aspects of the web platform: focusing on the apps, managing real-time data from IoT devices, and Progressive Web Apps. He is a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies & IoT, and a former Microsoft MVP in Development Technologies.

Maxim is a founder and active contributor to two conferences: Mobile Era and ngVikings – Nordics’ main conferences for mobile and Angular developers respectively. He also leads Norway’s largest meetups dedicated to web front-end and mobile: Angular Oslo, Mobile Meetup, Oslo PWA, Framsia.

Maxim is passionate about sharing his web platform experience and knowledge with the community.

Sarah Schlothauer

Sarah Schlothauer

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