Time to put some simplicity in your Angular projects

Angular Console makes working with Angular CLI a piece of cake

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Nrwl announced the release of Angular Console — the UI for the Angular CLI and it’s designed to make your time working with Angular CLI significantly simpler. It does everything the CLI can do and more! Let’s have a closer look.

The benefits of working with Angular CLI are undisputable.

It saves you from spending time maintaining the webpack configurations. It also enforces “consistent development practices by generating components, services, and state management modules”.

All in all, it is safe to say that Angular CLI has transformed the Angular ecosystem. It does come with a price, though.

The CLI can be significantly hard to learn that results in developers using only but a small portion of the CLI’s capabilities.

Angular Console was created exactly for that reason!

Developers don’t need more sophisticated commands — they need a more approachable way to use what the Angular CLI already does. And that’s what Angular Console is.

This UI is here to make your life easier and you’ll love it for it!

Let’s have a closer look at its main features.

An… Angular piece of cake

As the official website states, Angular Console is “a gateway for beginners and a powertool for experts.” The main features include:

Trivial code generation — Leverage the CLI’s built-in generators for Components, Providers and more, all without having to remember a single command line flag.

Run custom npm scripts — As well as the standard `ng` commands, we automatically detect all of your custom npm scripts and allow you to run them with a single click.

Discover and install extensions — Search through a comprehensive list of official and community schematics to extend the power of the Angular CLI even further, and install them directly in the UI.

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Build CLI commands visually — Using our visual form-driven UI, you get all of the flags and arguments for your chosen command available inline.

Integrated terminal output — As you compose and execute your commands in a visual way, you will also see your changes reflected in the inline terminal output in real-time.

Import Existing Projects — Create new Angular CLI projects from scratch, or import existing ones. We’ll even keep track of your recently opened projects so you can instantly access them again in future sessions.


Interestingly, when the team behind Angular Console showed this tool to the Angular team at Google, they got really excited, leading to the decision for future collaboration between the Nrwl and Angular teams.

We are excited to plan and develop it together, with the goal of making it a first-class way of using Angular, next to the Angular CLI.
Victor Savkin, Co-founder of Narwhal Technologies (

Getting started

You can visit the official website and download the beta for Mac and Windows. You can also contribute to the project on GitHub.

Eirini-Eleni Papadopoulou
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3 years ago

I just started learning Angular.js. Should I learn using CLI to get a better understanding of Angular before I use the console?