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13 reasons why we all should be excited about Angular v6

Jane Elizabeth
Angular v6
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New Angular releases are the best times of the year. We’ve already reviewed the new release in depth here, but it’s a JAXenter tradition to celebrate new releases with gifs. So, how much do we love Angular v6? Let us count the ways.

Time to pop the champagne, Angular v6 is finally here! This is the first release to unify all sorts of interesting bits and bobs, including the Framework, Material, and CLI. If you’re interested about more highlights, we go over the v6 announcement here as well as what’s new about the CLI here.

But this post is all about the feelings the new Angular gives us. And, in a time-honored tradition, we’re expressing them the only way we know how: through GIFs.

1. Angular v6 is here!

Hecking yeah!

2. We’re big fans of Angular

It’s not hard to see why. Angular is a great framework with lots of features that make developers lives even easier.

3. We were all very excited for Angular v5 last November.

It’s not hard to see why. Angular v5 had a lot to offer! But that was 2017! We’re in a 2018 mood these days.

4. And then we settled in to wait for Angular v6.

Okay, there might have been some schedule slip. These things happen, you know. And it’s not that much of a wait.

5. But it’s here now!

So, what’s in the new Angular v6? First off, Angular v6 focuses more on the toolchain and less on the underlying framework. The foundation is solid, we’re just working on performance.

6. It’s all about speed in this update.

This update focuses on making it easier to work faster within Angular.

7. Have we mentioned Angular Elements?

No, not those elements. Angular Elements allows developers to bootstrap Angular components within an existing Angular application by registering them as Custom Elements. Basically, it’s a very convenient API for development of Web Components.

8. Plus, new tree components!

Displaying hierarchical data is clearer than ever with the new Angular Material.

9. Show off your credentials with these shiny new badge and bottom sheet components.

The former helps display helpful information such as unread item counts while the latter represent a special type of mobile-centric dialogs that come up from the bottom of the viewport, commonly used to present a list of options following an action.

10. More workspaces!

Angular CLI v6 now has support for workspaces containing multiple projects. You can actually use multiple applications and libraries now, at the same time. CLI projects will now use angular.json instead of .angular-cli.json for build and project configuration. Magical, I say.

11. And what about ng-Ivy?

Still not here yet, actually. Ivy is still under active development, but it should be available soon.

12. Long term support means less of this.

In fact, you’re guaranteed 18 months of long term support. That’s about 6 months of active development followed by 12 months of critical bugfixes and security patches.

13. So, time to party!

Enjoy Angular v6! It looks like a lot of fun.

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