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Angular 2.0 – Why? What? And How?

Coman Hamilton
coman hamilton manfred steyer
Manfred Steyer speaking to JAXenter editor Coman Hamilton

What’s so special about Angular 2.0? Is the migration to the new Angular release still going to be a nightmare? And why do we all have to learn TypeScript now? AngularJS author Manfred Steyer answers the most common questions of the Angular community.

It’s been an exciting year for the AngularJS community. News of radical change without a clear migration path has worried users. But things are looking up, says AngularJS author and consultant Manfred Steyer.

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“There are many things we can already do today,” says Manfred Steyer about what developers can be doing to prepare for Angular 2.0. But if the changes Steyer explains in this video still sound daunting, then the promised improvements in Angular 2.0 should be enough to motivate Angular users to make the leap. Better performance, architectural improvements, TypeScript functionalities and a renderer for native platforms are among the reasons most developers will want to take a look.

Coman Hamilton
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