What makes a smartphone smarter?

Android P beta arrives with a bag full of intelligence

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Google released the beta version of Android P, the company’s latest mobile operating system, and it’s stuffed with all kinds of smartness! Machine learning enthusiasts, gather round; it’s play time!

Machine learning news is coming from every direction. When will it be enough? Never! The most recent event is Google’s announcement – the release of the beta version for Android P, its latest mobile operating system.

Determined to make an easier, smarter and more convenient user interface, Google stuffed the new release with a number of machine learning features.

How much smarter can we make a smartphone? Apparently, we are not even halfway there yet! New system navigation, smart adaptive features and a more active approach to digital wellbeing; all add up to a slick smartphone with a machine learning core.

So, what makes a smartphone smarter?

It is time to take a quick look at all the Android P features that make it so smart. To start things off, Google introduced a couple of adaptive features that aim to learn from and adapt to the user’s preferences. Let’s have a quick look:

Adaptive Battery – prioritizes battery power only for the apps and services you use the most
Adaptive Brightness – learns how you like to set the brightness slider given your surroundings
App Actions – help you get to your next task more quickly by predicting what you want to do next
Slices – gives you the ability to surface part of the app itself, giving you an even deeper look into your favorite apps

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But that’s not all. Google aimed to create a piece of technology that would provide easier ways to navigate everyday life, not distract you from it, by achieving a balance between real life and technology. The next features do just that:

Dashboard – shows you how you’re spending time on your device, including time spent in apps, how many times you’ve unlocked your phone, and how many notifications you’ve received
App Timer – lets you set time limits on apps
Do Not Disturb – a mode that silences not just the phone calls and notifications, but also all the visual interruptions that pop up on your screen.
Wind Down – switches on Night Light when it gets dark, and it will turn on Do Not Disturb and fade the screen to grayscale at your chosen bedtime to help you remember to get to sleep at the time you want

Feeling too depended on your phone? Maybe all you need is a smarter one to remind you that you can live better without it! It was about time that we used smart devices to help us get some time off devices! Good job, Google!

Wanna give it a try? Android P Beta is now available on Google Pixel.

Eirini-Eleni Papadopoulou
Eirini-Eleni Papadopoulou was the editor for Coming from an academic background in East Asian Studies, she decided that it was time to go back to her high-school hobby that was computer science and she dived into the development world. Other hobbies include esports and League of Legends, although she never managed to escape elo hell (yet), and she is a guest writer/analyst for competitive LoL at TGH.

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