Survey shows Google hold the edge in smartphone market share

Android clings onto No.1 spot in US smartphone market

Chris Mayer

Google gain further ground on their bitter rival Apple as the festive period kicks in

Their battle has been well profiled over the last year or so, but Android and Apple seem to showing no signs of fatigue in the battle for smartphone supremacy. But the last three months suggest that Google are edging ahead.

The latest comScore survey shows for the third quarter average (August-October) that Android had amassed 46.3% of the total smartphone market share, up 4.4%, edging ever closer to a majority. Apple’s iOS remained a clear and close second with a total of 28.1% of the market, which was up 1.1% on the previous period. With 90 million smartphone users in the US, it shows how far these two are ahead of the rest.

The real losers once again were Blackberry and its RIM operating system. Being besieged with technical issues this year has seen them lose further ground by 4.5%, and painfully down to 17.2% overall.

If it wasn’t already a two horse race, it is now and the next few month promise for a prosperous period for both giants. Android are preparing to defrost their next version Ice Cream Sandwich from the freezer, as Google were rumoured to have begun internally testing the build on Nexus S. Their rivals Apple announced triple UK sales for October for their iPhone4s in the festive run-up to Christmas and whilst this is a different country, it shows how relevant iOS still is in the grand scheme of things.

Conclusion – expect this market share to continue for many years to come. Android may appear to have the edge and a considerable fan base to build on, but it’s way too early to call this one just yet.

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