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Android Apps Coming to iOS with new Project?

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, former Google employee spills beans.

Android Apps Coming to iOS?

In-the-Box is a new open source project that ports Dalvik VM and Gingerbread Android APIs on top of iOS, enabling Android app developers to execute their applications on iOS. The project is sponsored by FlexyCore, who encountered problems with Apple’s restrictions when they tried to commercialise their iSpectrum Java SDK for the iPhone. FlexyCore will provide the project with a port of Dalvik runtime on iOS, and iOS framework Java bridges and a subset of Android APIs from their iSpectrum project.

In-the-Box is licensed under the Apache Software License 2.0.

Former Google Engineer Sheds Light on Search Giant

Google software engineer Dhanji Prasanna has revealed that he is leaving Google, after previously being involved in the Google Wave project and Guice, stating that he simply “didn’t enjoy going in to work anymore.” He writes that Google is not an ideal place for hackers, as in his opinion Google reward “consistent, focused performance in one area,” which means staking out and defending a particular area. “Engineers who simply staked out one component in the codebase, and rejected patches so they could maintain complete control over design and implementation details had much greater rewards,” he says. He reports that this territorial work ethic was particularly bad on the Google Wave project, and also complains about Google’s vaunted scalable software infrastructure, calling it “well and truly obsolete.” However, overall he is positive about his former employers:

“For my part I really enjoyed my time at Google–it is the best job I’ve ever had, by a long way. Everything you hear about is true: the friendly atmosphere, the freedom to pursue innovative ideas and projects, capricious indulgence of engineers, and the noble sense of purpose to change the world for the better with nary a thought given to profits or costs.”

LibreOffice 3.4 Released

LibreOffice 3.4 has been announced. In this release, the HTML export has been improved with an image thumbnail gallery of the slides on the contents page, and initial support for Unity and global menu has been added. DataPilot has been renamed to Pivot Table, and now supports an unlimited number of fields, whereas previously DataPilot only supported up to eight column/row/data fields and up to ten page fields. The Linux text-rendering has been improved, with Text now being drawn via Cairo with the same subpixeling options as other Cairo-using apps. More information is available at the New Features and Fixes page.

Android Development Tools 11 With Editor Improvements

Version 11 of Android Development Tools (ADT) has been released. This update includes numerous editor improvements, including new visual refactoring operations such as Change Layout, Change Widget Type, and Extract as Include; and the Visual Layout Editor palette now supports different configurations for supported widgets, and custom views. XML editing has been improved with new quick fixes, and code completion now works with <style> elements, completes dimensional units, and sorts resource paths in values based on the attribute name. More information is available at the ADT page.

The Document Foundation Publish Letter to Oracle

The Document Foundation have published the advice they originally sent to Oracle on the 22nd April 2011, regarding moving’s assets to The Document Foundation.

“It is our desire to merge the project within the Document Foundation and bring an end to the present division. The Document Foundation strongly believes it is best positioned to inherit the assets of the project, and ensure a positive perception of this transition for Oracle,” proposes the letter.

The Document Foundation suggested Oracle donate the project’s domain names, trademarks, logos, official artwork and visuals, and that the code-base be released under a MPL / LGPLv3+ license, with Oracle retaining the copyright. The Document Foundation also proposed that, under their conditions, they would not be obligated to hire any Oracle staff involved in the project, but they did offer Oracle Corporation a free seat on their Advisory Board for ten years and stated that “through our careful existing licensing choice, we have ensured that Oracle can enjoy the benefits of a continued integration of our work into its existing software stack.”

The full letter can be read online (PDF.)

logFaces 3.0 With MongoDB Support

Version 3.0 of the logFaces log server, log aggregator and log viewer, has been released. Version 3.0 can work with the MongoDB document-oriented database, and supports the Nlog .NET logging platform.

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