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Android 3.0 Preview SDK Released and eXo Launch IDE for Elastic Beanstalk

Jessica Thornsby

PLUS, what’s coming up in ECF 3.5 and Snooks 1.4 released.

Sneak Peek of ECF 3.5

Scott Lewis has posted a blog offering an insight into what we can expect from version 3.5 of the Eclipse Communication Framework (ECF.) The release, due in February, will feature a full implementation of the OSGi Remote Service Admin (RSA) specification. The team are currently testing ECF’s implementation of this spec with the OSGi TCK. Lewis reveals that the implementation already supports asynchronous remote services in a standards-compliant way. The latest release of ECF is 3.4, released in October.

Google Plugin for Eclipse 2.2 M1

The Google Plugin for Eclipse version 2.2M1 has been released, with Google Web Toolkit 2.2M1.This plugin comes with a fully integrated UI designer after Google acquired GWT Designer as part of the Instantiations acquisition. GWT SDK support for HTML5 specific features has been added, including the Audio/Video tag and Canvas, although please note that these APIs are still experimental. The plugin is available for Eclipse 3.6, Eclipse 3.5 and Eclipse 3.4.

Preview of Android 3.0 SDK Released

A preview of the Android 3.0 ‘Honeycomb’ SDK has been released. The SDK features non-final APIs and system image, so developers can start testing their existing apps on a tablet form-factor, and get acquainted with the new APIs, UI patterns and capabilities that will be released as part of Android 3.0. The SDK also gives developers access to a new property-based animation framework for adding visual effects to their apps, and multimedia features such as HTTP Live streaming support. A Preview SDK Introduction is available for those wishing to try the SDK.

The Android team are also updating the SDK Tools (r9), NDK (r5b), and ADT Plugin for Eclipse (9.0.0)

eXo Launch IDE for Elastic Beanstalk

Provider of Java user experience and portal technologies eXo have announced an eXo Cloud IDE for Amazon’s Elastic Beatstalk PaaS. The eXo Cloud IDE is an open cloud service for extending the Elastic Beanstalk runtime benefits into the development phase. eXo Cloud IDE is a standalone offering that integrates with the Elastic Beanstalk platform to provide an out-of-the-box container for apps, including mobile and social applications. It features a preview panel and a context sensitive, auto-complete multi-file editor. A beta version is currently available.

Smooks 1.4 with Apache Camel Integration

Version 1.4 of the Smooks open source data integration framework, has been released. Smooks targets building applications for processing XML and non XML data using Java. This release adds EDI Object Serialisation to EJC generated POJOs, and a new Dynamic Model Builder for process evolving configuration namespaces. Apache Camel Integration and support for bean wiring by bean type and bean annotation are also new for 1.4. The release features over 85 bug fixes.

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