analystView 3.0 ‘supercharges’ Visio

Arun Mysore

Visio continues to be popular with BPM professionals and four million business analysts reportedly continue to use it.  

 Integration Developer News reports that BPM solutions provider Global 360’s  analystView 3.0 ‘supercharges’ Visio by boosting its process modeling and discovery capabilities.

“We’re improving process discovery by providing access to more stakeholders, making simulation easier and richer experience,” a company representative told IDN.

Key features of analystView 3.0 and Visio Premium 2010 include:

* BPMN-standard modeling native to Visio 2010. Wizard-driven guidance to process design, simulation set-up and analysis

* Ability to compare multiple process and business scenarios

* Ability to view simulation data or analysis metrics inside the Visio model itself

* Ability to convert Visio-generated BPMN models into executable processes using XPDL

* Seamless toolbar-level integration

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