Git in on (again)

(Almost) time to get to grips with Git version 2.0

JAXenter Editorial Team

Git 2.0 unleashed with a twist to semantics, default settings adjustments, and general code cleanups and bug fixes.

So as of yet, the project page hasn’t been updated, but the Twittizens have spoken, and it does appear that Git 2.0 is now fully baked and ready to taste. Look – there are detailed release notes and everything (we recommend following this guy’s advice before getting stuck into these).


The new release of the distributed revision control system has undergone quite a few changes since version 1.9, which went live in February. There are new semantics in place which change the nature of “git push”. The default for ‘git push” is now “simple mode”.

This pushes just the current branch to the branch with the same name, and only when the branch in question is set to integrate with that remote branch. You can switch this mode from traditional “matching” semantics with the configuration variable push.default.

When you run “git add -u” or “git add -A” without any pathspec, it’s now a tree-wide operation – even when run within the subdirectiory of a working tree. 

Some commands for commits, for example pull and rebase, now have an optional “-gpg-sign”. Moreover, the developer can specify for “git commit” to commit a mitgibt a GPG signature every time. Along with these adjustments, there have also been some more general bug fixes and code clean ups.

If you’d like to find out more about Git in general and Git version control, take a look at Ben Straub’s article: Git is simple.

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