AspectJ 1.6.9.M2

AjType Reflection System Becomes Optional

Jessica Thornsby

New milestone of aspect-orientated Java extension builds on overweaving support.

A second milestone of AspectJ version 1.6.9 is now available.

AspectJ is an aspect-orientated extension to the Java programming language. It aims to enable the modularisation of crosscutting concerns, including error checking and handling, and provides debugging support.

In 1.6.9.M2 support for the AjType reflection system is now optional, as it was found that the reflection supporting metadata that enables the AjTypeSystem can break other tools that use regular reflection on the classes.

This version also builds on 1.6.9.M1’s preliminary support for overweaving, which facilitates weaving a class multiple times. The support for aspect scoping in aop.xml has also been enhanced. Please see the README for more information.

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