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How we used reinforcement learning to solve the Abbey of Crime

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Can AI play and complete a game? Juantomás Garcia Molina’s session from the Machine Learning Conference looks at developing artificial intelligence that can complete the first 3-D RPG, created in 1987. Many people had difficulty completing this technological wonder, so how will artificial intelligence fare?

Do you know the Abbey of the Crime? The abbey is an 8-bit game (for spectrum and CPC) that became the first RPG in 3D (2.5D) in 1987. This game is a marvel from a technological point of view. In less than 120k, it is capable of storing the sound, images, all the logic of the program, and the data.

Did you manage to finish the game without help? I do not know anyone who made it through without help. Despite its size, the Abbey of Crime is one of the most complicated games that has ever been developed. In the talk, we will tell how we designed and built an AI capable of playing alone and completing the game.


AIJuantomás Garcia Molina leads S|ngular’s Data Science team and is also Chief Envisioning Officer.
Juantomás is a Google Developer Expert for Cloud and Machine Learning, co-author of the software book La Pastilla Roja, and creator of “AbadIA”, the artificial intelligence platform built to solve the popular Spanish game La Abadía del Crimen. He’s an expert on free software technologies and has been a speaker at more than 200 international industry events. Among the various positions he has held during his 20-year career, he has been Data Solutions Manager at Open Sistemas, Chief Data Officer at ASPgems, and President of Hispanilux for seven years.

He studied IT engineering at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and plays an active role as a tech contributor and mentor to various academic organizations and startups. He regularly organizes Machine Learning Spain and GDG cloud Madrid meetups, and is a mentor at Google Launchpad for entrepreneurs.

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