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Adrian Colyer keynote – the prepared mind

Coman Hamilton
Adrian Colyer speaking at the JAX 2015 in Mainz (© S&S Media)

Staying on top of the flood of information and ever-changing technologies is a near impossible task. The only thing programmers can do is prepare their minds, says Adrian Colyer in his JAX 2015 keynote speech.

How can you tap into the most significant trends and opportunities in technology? “Fortune favours the prepared mind” as Pasteur’s famous quote goes. As a technologist at a venture capital firm, Accel Partners in London, Adrian is in a fortunate position to see many great teams, technologies, and companies across Europe.

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In this keynote shot at the JAX 2015 in Mainz, Germany, Adrian Colyer explains some of the the approaches he uses to keep a prepared mind, including “The Morning Paper”, in which he writes-up a new research paper every weekday.

Adrian is a Venture Partner with Accel Partners in London, and always on the lookout for great technology companies in Europe. He is also the author of “The Morning Paper,” where he reviews an interesting CS-related paper every weekday. Previously Adrian has served in CTO roles at Pivotal, VMware, and SpringSource.

Coman Hamilton
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