Adjoovo Release Free REST Tester Trestle


Service Orientated Collaboration company Adjoovo have released Trestle, a standalone Representational state transfer (REST) tester and Web Application Description Language (WADL) explorer. Trestle was originally built as a plug-in for Adjoovo Spaces, but has now been released as a free, standalone tool. Trestle is comprised of a web user interface for importing, exploring and testing REST services, and a self-contained metadata registry where the WADL data is stored. It allows the developer to upload WADL describing REST-based services, and explore and test the different resources in a tree view.

Adjoovo Trestle requires Javaruntime (JRT) 1.6 and a compatible web browser with Javascript enabled. Firefox 3.x, Safari 3+, Chrome 3+ and Opera 10 are all supported.

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