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Active data warehousing on roll in Europe

Arun Mysore

Real-time operational intelligence or active data warehousing is becoming popular
with enterprises across Europe, says a  release from Teradata.

Quoting a sponsored IDC white paper, Teradata reports that 26 percent of responding enterprises across Europe are using active data warehousing. The release did not mention the sample size covered by the survey.   

An active data warehouse also promotes broader access to analytics within enterprises.
Increased competition, deregulation and compliance are driving enterprises towards active data warehouses.

“In today’s business environment, a broad range of users from the executive level to call center agents have urgent information needs that can only be satisfied by comparing data that describe what is happening right now with data that describe what has happened in the past,” said Martin Willcox, Director, Platform and Solutions Marketing, Europe Middle East & Africa.

“This requirement – to load data in near real-time, combine it with large volumes of historical data and then produce meaningful insight in seconds or even milliseconds – demands sophisticated data warehousing technologies,” he added.


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