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#AboutLastWeek: Java EE Guardians speak up and Kotlin has a rendezvous with Gradle

Gabriela Motroc
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Each Monday we take a step back and analyze what has happened in the previous week. Last week we met two high-profile Java EE Guardians, we witnessed the marriage between Kotlin and Gradle and we learned why the Bitcoin price continues to fluctuate.

Java EE Guardians speak up

In the past few weeks, several members of the Java EE community voiced their concerns about Oracle’s decreasing commitment to finishing Java EE 8. Adam Bien, Java Champion & speaker at the Java Enterprise Summit, is one of them. He told us that “Oracle could even withdraw from Java EE completely because in that case the community would fill in and take over JCP-tasks” and explained that the community has already taken over a lot of things. Adam said he “partially” shares the Java EE Guardians’ concern about “Oracle’s current lack of commitment to Java EE“ and opined that “further development of Java EE 9 would be possible with quite limited resources.”

Meanwhile, Peter Pilgrim, a Java EE consultant and director and owner of PEAT LTD, told us that Java EE 8 is “in crisis.”

Oracle has a legal entity and steward of the Java. It owns the Java trademark including the extension platforms. Oracle would have to reduce its authority and I do not think that will happen. At least — I do not expect this to happen.

Peter opined that Java EE cannot be run exclusively by the community because “Oracle has to abdicate some of its responsibility and let other businesses such as Red Hat, IBM or whoever take over.” 

The story of Gradle Script Kotlin

The idea of having a Kotlin-based approach to writing Gradle build scripts and plugins was enticing enough to convince the JetBrains team and the Gradle team to concoct a way to get the best of both worlds.And this is how Gradle Script Kotlin was born.

Gradle’s Chris Beams announced in mid-May that after years of closely watching Kotlin, the team sat down with some people from the JetBrains team in late 2015 and tried to answer the following questions: what might it look like to have a Kotlin-based approach to writing Gradle build scripts and plugins? How might it help teams—especially big ones—work faster and write better structured, more maintainable builds?

The Bitcoin price on shaky ground. For now

Henry Brade, the CEO of Prasos Oy, a Finnish Bitcoin startup founded in 2012, told that the Bitcoin price increase is likely to “continue in the mid-term, although there may be corrections and pauses occasionally.”

I think it is clear that Bitcoin is no longer in a downtrend. That was a debated subject for a long time but now the price is high enough that it’s hard to justify a downtrend any longer. Everything from Bitcoin economy fundamentals to the price development leads me to believe that it will certainly not be a one-time thing.

Other headlines

Dart 1.17 is out, purely functional programming is bad and we should focus on writing libraries instead of designing languages.

Here is a quote to keep you busy until next week:

The greatest productivity gains are indeed the result of having a wide spectrum of libraries.

Patrick S. Li, designer and implementer of L.B. Stanza

Gabriela Motroc
Gabriela Motroc was editor of and JAX Magazine. Before working at Software & Support Media Group, she studied International Communication Management at the Hague University of Applied Sciences.

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