DevOpsCon Video

DevOps: A Little Automation Goes A Long Way

JAX Editorial Team

How can leading Web properties release a dozen versions of their Web apps per day? What are the methods and tools to increase the agility of developers? Where are the pitfalls and tradeoffs of existing solutions?

Michael Hausenblas (Mesosphere) discusses in this DevOpsCon session the DevOps movement in the context of the Datacenter Operating System. He looks at practical examples around Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos, Marathon and Big Data technologies such as Kafka and Spark.


Michael is a Developer and Cloud Advocate with Mesosphere. He helps devops to build and operate scalable & elastic distributed applications. His background is in large-scale data integration, Hadoop & NoSQL, IoT, as well as Web applications and he’s experienced in advocacy and standardization. Michael is contributing to open source software at Apache (Myriad, Drill) and shares his experience with the Datacenter OS and large-scale data processing through blog posts and public speaking engagements.


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