Improvements and new features

PostgreSQL 14 is here – what should you look out for?

PostgreSQL 14 has more than 200 improvements and new features, but broadly they fall into four areas: Performance, Observability, Security and Convenience. For developers, what is there to look forward to in this new version? Let’s look at them in some more detail.

Technically complex, operationally effortless

SD-WAN is a hot topic, but how many solutions are truly security-first?

SD-WAN is gaining real traction because the value it can bring to organisations of all shapes and sizes is becoming increasingly clear. It fuels greater agility, productivity and resilience, but how many solutions are truly security-first? Tim Mercer, CEO of disruptive cloud specialist Vapour, explores…

Interview with Krishna Subramanian, President and COO of Komprise

“Data continues to pile up at the edge, in datacenters and in clouds”

What are some of the most pressing problems with searching unstructured data today? We talked with Krishna Subramanian, President and COO of Komprise about new “deep analytics” capabilities for your data management software and best practices around searching/analyzing unstructured data.

Never stop honing your skills

Tips for Pursuing a Career in Deep Learning

Deep learning offers lucrative career opportunities for interested programmers and computer scientists. But before you take your career down the deep learning route, there are a few things you should know. Here, we’ve assembled a list of tips for pursuing a successful career in deep learning.

Interview with Adrian Teasdale, creator of the PHP Weekly newsletter

“A large, worldwide fan base that wants to help others and defends PHP”

The PHP Weekly newsletter is sent out every Thursday, summarizing news, tutorials, and articles from the PHP world for all interested parties. We talked to the creator Adrian Teasdale about the project, which has been running since 2013, the community, and PHP itself.

Interview with Jeff Williams, CTO and Co-founder at Contrast Security

“High-profile application attacks have continued and perhaps ramped up”

Jeff Williams, CTO and Co-founder at Contrast Security, answered our questions about application security, the newest executive order in the US, where vulnerabilities are most likely to occur, and more. Learn more about the Contrast platform and how it works to ensure software security.

Secure your greatest asset

Tips to Keep Your Data Safe from Increasing Cyberattacks

The increasing cyberattacks on businesses only mean that it is time to secure your company to keep data safe. With these tips provided, you can stay away from online threats that disrupt business operations. Preventing data breaches will definitely keep companies out of trouble.