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8 UX design techniques for gaming apps

Maria Antony
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Unlike service-based apps and application software, a gaming app which doesn’t support usability is automatically discarded by players. A gaming app is designed with the sole purpose of entertaining people and if it lacks a good user experience design, it fails big time. Convincing players to try your gaming app (and stay!) becomes a herculean task if it does not offer a great user experience.

Poor user experience comes in all forms and shapes: people blame UX when the game is either too easy or too difficult to play. A perfect UX should compliment the gameplay in accordance with the user’s intellect and gaming style. Any new user should be able to easily navigate through the game and have a firm control over the game.

Moreover, visual appearance plays a much bigger role in creating immersive experiences for the players. The efficient use of vibrant color contrasts, animated UI/UX animations, and an effective storyline help improve the quality of the game and enrich the player’s user experience.

An intuitive UI is probably the key to a smooth navigation system. Innovative gestures and micro-interactions in the UI are essential details especially when it comes to social casino games such as Teen Patti and Poker. However, one should keep in mind not to reinvent already-established common patterns/gestures. It will lead to confusion as users will find it difficult and irritating to get used to new patterns.

With the advent of new technologies such as Virtual Reality, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality and wearables, the importance of UX design in gaming apps will continue to grow. In order to keep your product relevant, you need to incorporate the UX design techniques explained in the infographic below. We hope this helps improve the UX of your gaming app.

Tips to design game app UX[infographic]


Maria Antony

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Ankit Yadav
Ankit Yadav
2 years ago

Amazing Articles . thanks for sharing