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8 Atlassian experts share their predictions for 2019

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2018 has certainly been a year. As the days grow shorter, we can’t help but look forward to a brand new 2019 and all the amazing tech trends in store for us. Today, we’ve talked with 8 experts at Atlassian, the company behind Jira and Confluence. Their predictions for 2019? More microservices, expanded AI, and an unwanted data breach or two.

No one know what the future might hold, but we’re taking our best stab at it with some pretty educated guesses. The new year is just around the corner and we’ve asked a number of experts what they think is in store for developers in 2019.

Today, we’ve talked with 8 experts at Atlassian, the company behind Jira and Confluence. What does one of the most popular providers of software developing tools think will happen in 2019? For starters: microservices, AI, and an unwanted data breach or two.

Without further ado, let’s see what our experts had to say!

Meet the experts


Mike Tria is the Head of Infrastructure at Atlassian.

Sri Viswanath is the CTO at Atlassian.

Adrian Ludwig is the CISO at Atkassian.

Archana Rao is CIO at Atlassian.

Berkay Mollamustafaogly is the Head of Product for OpsGenie at Atlassian.

Mark Ryall is the Head of Product for Jira Ops at Atlassian.

Ian Buchanan is the Developer Advocate at Atlassian.

Sean Regan is the Head of Growth for Software Teams at Atlassian.


“Every tech company that’s been around for longer than five years will announce they have decomposed or are planning to decompose their monoliths into microservices. Monolith decomposition is so hot right now.” – Mike Tria, Head of Infrastructure

“You will see AI being used in all aspects of infrastructure, operations, and IT products. There will be many new startups launched whose premise is better balancing of workloads, utilization of Kubernetes, and optimizing cost.” – Mike Tria, Head of Infrastructure

“Enterprise products will become more realtime and mobile as the experience of consumer products keeps increasing the bar for enterprise companies.” – Sri Viswanath, CTO

“Companies will continue to see the impact of technology on their workforce. More and more remote teams will emerge as best-of-breed collaboration software is adopted company-wide, and large technical teams will split into smaller, more focused units as the industry embraces the move to microservices.” – Sri Viswanath, CTO

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“There will be another big data breach caused by out-of-date on-prem applications – and some companies will begin to realize that using cloud applications is both easier and more secure than trying to host their own applications.” – Adrian Ludwig, CISO

Future of IT / CIO

“Increasing demand for digital transformation will drive companies toward more automation in the back office, using technology practices like robotic process automation. In addition, more IT teams will opt for a well-integrated, low-effort “run” service that will allow capacity to be released towards building new, future capabilities for their company.” – Archana Rao, CIO

“Millennials coming into the workforce will demand more and more collaboration capabilities, and further influence the way companies form teams and get work done. As a result, IT teams that support this workforce will need to stay on top of all ‘bright and shiny’ new tech – especially content and video sharing – as these solutions will drive stickiness with end users and will lead to company adoption.” – Archana Rao, CIO

“Security and compliance will remain on the list of top five priorities for all CIOs” – Archana Rao, CIO

Incident Management

“Major internet services will continue to fail, taking down significant portions of the internet. As a result, incident management will continue to grow in importance for all companies. As more companies adopt cloud services, incident communication will become a core part of service level agreements between service providers and their customers in 2019. Service providers that struggle with public incident communication will erode trust and lose customers to their competitors.” – Berkay Mollamustafaogly, head of product, Opsgenie

“AI in IT operations will underwhelm and disappoint, largely due to unrealistically high expectations. As a results, AI applications that assist humans rather than replace them will start gaining more traction.” – Matt Ryall, head of product, Jira Ops

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“ITIL v4 is going to surprise some laggard enterprise IT organizations with the degree to which it embraces software teams and DevOps practices such as continuous delivery. Even enterprises that have already started to embrace continuous delivery are going to hit a wall with heavily centralized efforts as they discover over-standardizing on tools impedes adoption. As development teams look forward toward cloud-native development, operations teams will be left trying to figure out how to make legacy applications take better advantage of cloud services.” – Ian Buchanan, Developer Advocate

Future of software development

“The ecosystem of developer tools will continue to expand, even as more vendors pitch all-in-one solutions. We will see developers continue to choose best-of-breed tools, as one toolchain cannot meet all the varying needs of modern software teams. ‘Open’ is here to stay, and the vendors that combine openness and ease of use will thrive.” – Sean Regan, head of growth for Software Teams

“Agile software teams will continue to influence and change traditional IT organizations. They won’t just change the org charts, they will impact how the culture changes when a traditional IT organization moves to a team-based approach – especially when building, running, and supporting modern software services. IT organizations that ran in the waterfall era won’t succeed in the modern SaaS world, and we’re going to see that waterfall continue to dry up.” – Sean Regan, head of growth for Software Teams

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