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6 common mistakes engineers can make on their DevOps resume

Freddie Tubbs
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Looking for a job can be tough. But are you sabotaging your efforts to find your next DevOps gig with your resume? Freddie Tubbs goes over six common mistakes developers make while designing their CVs and how to fix them on your own resume.

Writing a good resume is a complex task – you have to encompass your entire experience and knowledge without overwhelming the recruiter. You can write a DevOps resume that you feel is amazing, only to have the company not call you for weeks or months. Then you apply with the same resume for another job and so on.

But before you do that, you might want to update your resume. If you are wondering why is that necessary – better believe it is. Most engineers make mistakes in their resumes that could cost them jobs and it’s easy to fix those mistakes by simply updating your resume.

So, open your resume, and start looking – you might notice one of these.

1. Not being concise

DevOps engineers tend to have a lot educational background, courses and seminars that they think are worth the mention. But there are also collaborations, published works, research studies etc. It’s hard to put all of that data into just one resume – and if you try to, no one will take the time to read it, it’s too much.

This is why you need to learn to segment. Use the experiences which have most to do with the job you are applying to.

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2. Including every technology you have worked with

While you being a skilled engineer that has experience or education with a lot of technologies, it’s not necessary to list them all.

For one, recruiters hate this, especially if the job description only requires experience and knowledge in a specific language or technology. You also probably don’t have the same level of skill in all of them – some, you may have only briefly worked with. So, instead of listing those skills, you can maybe say that you are expert in one and say that you are passionate about the others.

Lastly, when an interviewer starts talking to you about a technology, they’ll be able to tell that you are not very good at it. List only the skills where you are sure you are an expert.

3. You don’t focus enough on team work

Teamwork is one of the most essential parts of being a DevOps engineer. However, the stereotype of this job is still that the person is working long hours, all alone, only relating to technology.

But companies don’t want to hire people who don’t work well with others. This could cause your resume to be rejected each time.

“Include information on all relevant projects you worked with other people on, collaborations or team projects. It’s important to let your potential employers know how well you worked with others on your previous engagements”, – explains Cindy Trujillo, a Recruiting manager at Revieweal.

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4. Not fixing the spelling and grammar mistakes

Misspelled words and grammar mistakes scattered across your resume can look like you are not paying attention to details, you don’t care enough to fix them or that you are ignorant enough to send a resume full of mistakes. People don’t look favorably about these because it is such an easy fix. As an engineer, you must know how these mistakes can sometimes cause big trouble.

All you have to do is go through the text one more time and change anything that strikes you as wrong. You can even use some of the tools available:

  • Study demic and Via Writing are editing guides that will assist you by letting you know where your mistakes are, what are the redundancies in your text and how to fix it.
  • UK Writings is an online editing and proofreading tool which will provide you help by going through your resume and fixing them.
  • Academ Advisor is a plagiarism guide that will catch anything in your resume that’s not original and unique.
  • EssayRoo is a formatting tool that will help to make your resume look amazing.
  • My Writing Way and Boomessays are grammar checkers which can catch even the smallest mistakes in your text.

5. Poor formatting

Bad formatting leads to your resume being unreadable. You have to understand that most of the recruiters are scanners which means that they will simply scan over your resume to notice the most important things or anything that strikes them as interesting.

That’s why you can make their eyes go where you want them to go. Bold the most important things or the ones you find relevant and organize your resume in a way that will showcase all of your best features.

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6. Using too many acronyms

Even though you can understand acronyms, you have to know that not everyone does. Luciana Edwards, an HR Consultant at EliteAssignmenthelp says: “If you really want to be that efficient, make sure that you use the full phrase first time you mention it and then move on to using acronyms. Use the ones relevant to your job – SVN, GIT, ELB etc. These will immediately catch the recruiter’s attention”.


Engineers are certainly no writers – they work with numbers, programming languages and things that regular people might not understand. But with a few easy tips and ways to fix some mistakes that are on this list, any engineer will be able to make the perfect resume.


Freddie Tubbs

Freddie Tubbs is a head of a recruitment department at Academized. He regularly takes part in human resources and recruitment conferences and webinars and contributes expert columns to Australian Reviewer and Big Assignments blog.

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