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50 Most Powerful Voices in Open Source

Jessica Thornsby

Mark Fidelman of Collaborative Networks organisation MindTouch, has posted a blog detailing ‘The Most Powerful Voices in Open Source.’

“These are people you need to know,” he begins.

The results, are judged by MindTouch’s “Most Powerful Voices” formula, which takes into account the number of followers each individual has on websites like Twitter and Google. However, MindTouch are also mindful of how much influence these individuals have over their followers. They measured influence by looking at how often these people were retweeted, how much attention their blog posts garnered, and whether they were cited by other influential people.

So, who is MindTouch’s Most Powerful Voice in Open Source?

The number one spot goes to Tim O’Reilly, the founder of O’Reilly Media, who has gathered a whopping 1,430,436 followers on Twitter. Second up, is Linus Torvalds, chief architect of the Linux kernel, with 5826 Twitter devotees. MindTouch have noted that this may be a controversial decision: Toravlds’ blog and Twitter feed are rarely about open source. At the time of writing, his last two blog posts were about his garage and Costco. However, when he does blog and tweet on IT-related issues, the response is impressive: his recent blog on purchasing a Nexus One, earned him in excess of one hundred comments.

Former CEO of Sun Microsystems Jonathan Schwartz comes in fourth, with Miguel de Icaza of the Mono project, in fifth position.

For a list of MindTouch’s 50 Most Powerful Voices in Open Source, please visit their blog.

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