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5 JAX DevOps / JAX Finance sessions every developer should see

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JAX DevOps

JAX DevOps and JAX Finance are up and running! Here are five sessions any developer in their right mind won’t want to miss.

With a vast amount of talks taking place it can be difficult to pick which ones to go to but fear not – we have compiled a short list of five talks you won’t want to miss. We’re not saying these sessions are better than others — that couldn’t be further from the truth.

We’re just saying you should give them a chance if you want to hear more about buzzwords such as microservices, Java 9, the cloud and containers.

The seven (more) deadly sins of microservices

In this session, OpenCredo’s Daniel Bryant (he talked about continuous delivery earlier today) introduces seven deadly sins from real projects, which left unchecked could easily ruin your next microservices project.

Daniel offers an updated tour for 2016 of some of the nastiest anti-patterns in microservices from several real-world projects he’s encountered as a consultant, providing a series of anti-pattern “smells” you can sniff out and exploring the tools and techniques you need to avoid or mitigate the potential damage.

The session begins at 16.40. Don’t miss it!

Java 9 modules

Modules are the major new feature of Java SE 9, developed under project Jigsaw. Originally due for Java SE 7, they are now almost finished, and it is time to consider how they might affect existing and new codebases. Stephen Colebourne of OpenGamma will talk about the basics of the Java platform module system and its implications, particularly to reflection.

Join him to learn about our modular future! [session starts at 16.40]

Deploy stuff, run stuff

Software development is not just about building stuff, over the better part of the last decade a global movement kicked in that realized this change in building and delivering software. Software has only value when it is running in production. Yet people seem to forget about that.

Kris Buytaert, a long time Linux and Open Source Consultant will teach you about a number of real life situations preventing deployment and running software and how to fix them.

The session begins at 17.55. Don’t miss it!

Container: check! But how about persistent data, big data or fast data?

Mesosphere’s Johannes Unterstein will talk about the Container 2.0 phenomenon, look at current container usages and show the actual problematics. We’ll also see how DC/OS and Apache Mesos delivers Container 2.0 to optimize cluster resource sharing for all parts of your application. So if you want to hear more about Container 2.0, don’t miss this session.

The session begins at 09:00 tomorrow. Don’t miss it!

Succeeding in the cloud — the guidebook of fail

So you want to move an application into the cloud and make into a service. How hard can that be?

Many have gone before you along this path. Many have failed. A few have succeeded. All have scars. Although the journey is different for everyone there are common aspects to them all. In this talk, Steve Poole, a long-time IBM Java developer, leader and evangelist covers the core aspects of how the cloud differs from local data centers in terms of application design, runtime characteristics and operational considerations. He’ll talk about the dos and don’ts and he’ll tell you what matters and what doesn’t.

The session begins at 14:45 tomorrow. Don’t miss it!


Granted, you might need some sort of time travel device to attend two of the sessions mentioned above – but that’s proof of just how much is happening at JAX DevOps/Finance.

Keep an eye on for speaker interviews and session videos.

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