Replay Solutions Survey

36% of Java Developers to Test or Deploy to the Cloud

Jessica Thornsby

Replay Solutions have announced the results of its first Annual Java Technology Survey.

More than 1,000 enterprise Java architects, developers and project leaders took part in the survey, and things are looking good for the cloud: of those polled, over one third said they would either test or deploy parts of their infrastructure to the cloud in 2010.

“We were surprised by the high percentage of enterprise Java teams actively testing or deploying cloud infrastructure this year,” said Jonathan Lindo, CEO of Replay Solutions. “We’re encouraged to expand our own cloud-based solution.”

Over half of the 1,000 polled named Apache Tomcat as their Java EE App Server of choice, and 66% of respondents said the Eclipse IDE was still the most important Java EE IDE. The full survey can be downloaded from the Replay Solutions website.


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