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15 reasons why we’re super glad Angular 5 is in our lives

Jane Elizabeth
Angular 5

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It’s here! Angular 5.0 is finally here! We already went over the new release in depth here, but we’re celebrating its release in the only way we can, with gifs. Strap in, it’s going to be a heck of a ride!

It’s been half a year since Angular 4 came out and things have been fine. At the time, the Angular team announced a new release cycle, to keep from having another long wait like the one between release versions 2 and 4.

We talked about the all-new Angular 5 here, so head there if you’re looking for a cool and collected look at the latest Angular. This post is all about the feels.

1. It seems like just yesterday when the last Angular came out.

No really, has it actually been six months? I don’t believe you.

2. Things have been fine though.

No fires on my end.

3. Last April, the Angular team promised a new stable release for 5.0 in September or October of 2017.

Seem legit. No one wants another long wait, you know?

4. But schedule slip happened.

Oh Angular, will you ever learn? Come on, guys. Give yourself more time. It’s okay. We’ll wait.

5. Angular 5 dropped last week.

It’s been a magical ride looking at all the new things.

6. I’ve been pretty excited about all the new features.

Things are so shiny!

7. Let’s go explore

I mean, there’s a perfectly good and reasonable review here. But why would you want to look at that?

8. One new feature, Build Optimizer, makes everything more efficient.

It’s like tetris-ing your stuff. Or, more specifically, it’s gonna decrease the size of your JavaScript bundles, and increase the boot speed of your application for your users.

9. Extra support

You got server side rendering problems? Angular Universal’s got you covered. You want more DOM Manipulations? We’ve got you covered. All the support you could need.

10. Faster compiles

Compiler improvements mean faster rebuilds and smaller bundles. Heck yes.

11. And more

I know, right?!

12. So what are you waiting for?

Come on in, the water’s fine!

13. It’s a great time over here in Angular land.

Dr. Zoidberg is right.

14. I am so happy

Giddy as a schoolgirl!

15. So very happy

Head on over to the Angular website and download version 5.0 now!

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