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Lee Faus (GitHub) Keynote: The new Agile and the Next Gen Developer

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When the forefathers of Agile met to write the manifesto that provides the guiding principles of Agile software development, Wikipedia was just formed, the iPod hadn’t launched, and the first versions of IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse were in beta. The principles of Agile have not changed. More than ever, we strive to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.

Developers welcome changing requirements, deliver working software frequently, and collaborate with other people through the whole process. As software eats the world, software development will be democratized – more people will code, contribute and commit on platforms and tools that are more accessible than ever before. The value of a “developer” will be their problem-solving mindset and ability to work with and learn from others. In this keynote, you’ll hear from Lee Faus, Senior Solutions Architect at GitHub, developer, open source contributor, and teacher about the evolution of the software development process and the mindset of the Next Gen Developer to succeed in the New Agile.

JAX 2016 Keynote Lee Faus from JAX TV on Vimeo.

56fa8f2acce0b7956fbf3e5aversion43sizefullLee Faus has been in information technology for over twenty years. He has been a teacher, mentor, and consultant focused on information technology value through enterprise application integration and application modernization. His experiences span verticals including transportation, healthcare, financial services, telecommunications and insurance. Information technology should be an enabler to simplify business processes by automating tasks and enhancing decision support. He is an advocate of open source by contributing to projects at Apache, Eclipse, and Fedora. He currently works at GitHub working with customers to streamline their application delivery toolchain and mentors companies on git, CI and CD best practices.
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