Interview with Daniël van Gils

“Jump on the microservices bandwagon!”

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Daniël van Gils

Let’s assume you’ve already had every *Docker 101 tutorial* for breakfast. You’re now ready to take that brilliantly crafted application into production. But wait… first you need to test your container-based microservices architecture. We talked to JAX DevOps speaker Daniël van Gils about how to bootstrap and dive straight into learning what DevOps workflow should look like when using containers.

In this, interview, Daniël van Gils, a polyglot developer advocate at Cloud 66 and speaker at the upcoming JAX DevOps, is guiding us through the wonderful world of container-based development and running microservice architectures at scale.  

JAXenter: In your session you will teach your audience how to bootstrap and dive straight into learning what DevOps workflow should look like when using containers. What are the most important things to remember when you decide to run your microservices in production?
Daniël van Gils: Don’t forget there is a huge learning curve between the reality of a Docker run alpine echo ‘hello world’ example and actually running your app in production. You need to think about planning stuff like security, monitoring, scaling, orchestration, provisioning and discovery. And here is an important question: What are you going to do with your data source? What about backups? A lot of things should be considered before running microservices in production using containers / Docker.

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JAXenter: What are the steps and what are the aspects you should pay attention to?
Daniël van Gils: Start small and make the whole workflow as fluid as possible. Let the whole team participate in how your minimal lovable image would looks like; from a developer, operations, testing and UX perspective.

JAXenter: What is your answer to the question: How the hell do I run my microservices in production, and will it scale?
Daniël van Gils: There’s a mountain to climb here folks, and we all know how learning a new technology can be a major pain in the ass. Take it small; start with a greenfield project and choose your platform wisely. Make a checklist of all the things you need to consider. Always keep in mind your minimal lovable image (= service) should be small, secure, maintainable, immutable and performant.

Never forget who your audience is.

JAXenter: If you were to make a list of measures that can help prevent people from having a failed experiment, what would those be?
Daniël van Gils: The list would contain the following measures: start small and with a greenfield project, work together, testing is also important, make sure you have all things covered like security, monitoring, scaling, orchestration, provisioning and discovery and treat your minimal lovable service with love (don’t follow the cattle/pets discussion).

JAXenter: What is the key message of your session at JAX DevOps that every participant should retain after visiting your talk?

Daniël van Gils: The only way to achieve success with using microservices is to jump on the bandwagon and never forget who your audience is. And start small with a greenfield project to get your hands dirty.

Thank you very much!

Daniël van Gils will be delivering one talk at JAX DevOps which will focus on how to bootstrap and dive straight into learning what DevOps workflow should look like when using containers.

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