How to develop connected Products for Manufacture

JAXenter Editorial Team

In his keynote from the Internet of Things Conference, Josh Valman will run through the process of developing connected products, from concept to production and logistics, and how, as an important part of this process, steps and components can be removed from a product rather than added. It will highlight key disasters he has had (many!) so you don’t have to make them again.

At 10-years-old, Josh began his engineering career because of his fascination with robotics. By age 15, he was consulting some of the world’s largest manufacturing companies on supply chain and engineering. Now, age 20, Josh is the Managing Director at RPD International. RPD designs and manufactures connected products for airlines, hotels, brands and startups with over 100 factories and presence in 46 countries. As connected products become more intertwined with human life and behaviour, Josh is pioneering new processes for prototyping and developing these products.

josh20aa1420speaking20sm_0Josh is Managing director at RPD International. He works with individuals and corporations to design, develop, prototype, test, break, test, break, break again and manufacture products. Josh has been involved in the production of everything, from wristbands to jet engines. His experience in the industry is extensive and something that is in high demand from Universities and events to hear him speak. Josh’s approach to execution of ideas is described as fascinating and engaging, by an audience who sit in amazement as a 20 year old discusses the state of global manufacturing. Josh is a regular speaker at Imperial College London and at product design related Google Campus events. Recently Josh has been working hard with his teams to change how people think about manufacturing and product design.
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