Changing the zip code might do wonders for your career

12 best-paying countries for Java professionals [Infographic]

Sivakumar Soundararajan

Self-doubt can be demoralizing. If you have just switched countries to be with you family or better half and are finding it hard to get a job with your technical skills, you begin to doubt yourself whether your skills as still relevant. As a programmer, you might assume that your Java career may hinder your growth prospects, especially in a new location. However, that’s not necessarily true.

The infographic below shows that Java developers, Core Java apps developers, Java software architects, and Java backend developers are in fact the jobs that attract the biggest job and/or growth opportunities. While you may already have the experience to get a job, being up-to-date with the latest technologies like Hibernate, Spring and Struts can help you get better employment opportunities.




Sivakumar Soundararajan

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