A big boost for MongoDB

10gen scales up with $42m Series E funding round


10gen, the company responsible for MongoDB, has just announced the closure of a $42m Series E funding round led by New Enterprise Associates

10gen, the company responsible for the popular NoSQL database MongoDB, has just announced the closure of a $42m Series E funding round led by New Enterprise Associates. The round was filled out by existing investors Union Square Ventures, Sequoia Capital and Flybridge Capital Partners.

It’s the company’s biggest haul yet and comes on top of $31.4m raised over the past five years. As one Hacker News user points out, “R&D for a single DB surely can’t be that expensive”, so a lot of the cash will probably be spent on ‘scaling up’ the team to cope with rising demand, while investing in the company’s customer service and support functions.

Readers in the PHP community will know that Derick Rethans of Xdebug fame was recently taken on full time to work on MongoDB’s PHP driver. According to the press release announcing the funding, “[n]umerous positions are open in 10gen’s offices around the world including California, Dublin, London, New York and Sydney” — head over to the company’s careers page for more info.

And it’s not only 10gen that’s hiring. A recent blog post from RedMonk’s James Governor shows just how fast the overall job market for developers with MongoDB skills is growing — a keyword search on reveals that the database is mentioned more often in job adverts than all three of its main competitors, Redis, Cassandra and CouchDB.

As we reported right at the start of this month, work on drivers for languages and environments such as Python and Node.js is making steady progress – hopefully this cash injection will propel MongoDB into the enterprise big-time and put paid to the web scale jokes once and for all.

Here’s CEO Dwight Merriman’s prepared statement:

We want to change the database market, to make MongoDB the best way for companies to build new applications. Our goal is to give tech teams not only a database that scales to any big data level required but also helps developers be productive and more nimble. That has been the vision of the MongoDB open source community and we want to continue to help make that happen.

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