No server or browser needed?

ZK unleashes Java Web testing ZATS 1.0 Mimic to the masses

Chris Mayer

Here’s a Java web test suite with a difference – ZK’s ZATS 1.0 claims to do it all without a browser a server!

This week saw the Potix Corporation, creators of the ZK
framework, deploy the first final version of their high performance
Java Web test suite, ZATS Mimic 1.0, making some bold claims from
the off.

ZATS Mimic
 offers developers the ability to create test
cases for their ZK applications to check the functionality and
features but crucially without having to deploy to either a
server or test them with a browser. No need for Jetty or Tomcat,
this is a stripped-down version which does it all completely on the
fly, saving a lot of time and using fewer

This also unshackles many agile developers from the
labourious task of writing an automation test to control
a browser. ZK proclaim that ‘running a test in an application
server is time-consuming and can be an agile developer’s darkest
moment’ thus ZATS 1.0 was created to streamline the entire process
down and reduce the development

An encouraging move from ZK, is that ZATS Mimic is able to
automate easily through a combination of other technologies in the
form of plugins: unit testing frameworks i.e. JUnit and
TestNG, various IDEs such as Eclipse and Netbeans,
Maven, continuous integration server Jenkins or a combination of

With more and more developers looking for stylish,
enterprise-level, rich applications at the click of their fingers,
this tool suite could become invaluable in providing a rapid
response unit. ZK boasts more than 1,500,000 downloads
since its first release in late 2005 and has big backers in
Barclays, IBM, Audi and Toyota, so it’s tried and tested. ZATS 1.0
could be a huge timesaver.

Download it here from
the Release Notes, which will also lead you to ZK 6, the framework

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