Java Runtime Platform

Zing Runtime Platform For Java Apps Goes GA

Jessica Thornsby

Zing Java runtime targets virtualised and cloud environments.

Azul Systems have announced that Zing has gone GA.

Zing is a runtime platform for Java applications, which
particularly targets high volume apps where response times are
crucial. At the product announcement, Azul Systems claim Zing is
the only Java runtime platform specifically designed and optimised
for virtualised and cloud environments. “Enterprises are finding
that scaling and managing Java applications has become increasingly
complex, and are demanding a better Java runtime platform for their
virtualisation and cloud initiatives. With Zing, we dramatically
improve Java application deployments and do so with a
virtualisation-ready architecture that makes Java-in-the-cloud and
Platform-as-a-Service offerings practical,” said Scott Sellers, CEO
of Azul Systems.

Zing includes open source components from the Managed Runtime
Initiative. Interested parties can request a free trial

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